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Vintage motorcycle gear

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Vintage motorcycle gear is a great solution for motorcycle riders tired of wearing their old and basic motorcycle jacket, motorcycle helmet and motorcycle gloves. Whether riding motorcycle to go to work or riding for fun with friends on weekends, there is no reason for any motorcycle rider to ride is motorbike without stylish motorcycle gear. At Kulture Moto’s we know how important it is to many bikers to ride safe but also stylish, that’s why our vintage motorcycle gear features safety, functionality and great look. Browse our motorcycle gear selection will help you find he finest equipment to ride your motorcycle with great style and protection.

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Vintage motorcycle jacket

A unique look is the priority criterion that drives our selection to offer you the ideal vintage motorcycle jacket that reflects your passion for motorcycling. Leather or textile, urban, sporty or more biker, you will find at Kulture Moto different models and styles, from the retro Perfecto to famous jackets like the Ronin by Roland Sands. Brands that won bikers’ spurs both with the quality of their products and in the way they design the vintage motorcycle jacket.

Biker shirt and vest

The weather and the opportunities sometimes make us leave the jacket to prefer a lighter garment that we can however rely on to guarantee a minimum of protection and style. Most of the biker shirts we present offer reinforced protection against abrasion and can also be fitted with protection pads. Kevlar biker shirts and motorcycle sweatshirts are part of these comfortable clothes to wear during sunny motorcycle rides. Very widespread and functional, the biker vest can also be worn over a kevlar motorcycle shirt to enhance the look and provide extra protection.

Motorcycle pants

The idea of going out in shorts is attractive, unfortunately sunscreen will not protect against motorcycle burns. Whether it is the result of contact with the engine, the hot exhaust or the asphalt after a fall, it is really better to forget this idea and protect yourself with real motorcycle pants that guarantee a minimum of protection. Kevlar motorcycle jeans and other motorcycle pants with technical fabrics such as Cordura or Dyneema offer much better abrasion resistance than simple denim jeans. Different styles of motorcycle pants are in our catalogue: kevlar motorcycle jeans, cargo, leather, with different colours to have the choice and vary the looks

Motorcycle gloves

Since November 2016, the wearing of CE approved motorcycle gloves is mandatory for the practice of motorcycling in France, both for the driver and his passenger. Even the vintage motorcycle gloves that we offer you therefore meet this unavoidable criterion to bring you a quality of motorcycle gloves on the style side without compromising the safety aspect. In leather or textile, you will find our selection of vintage motorcycle gloves to equip your hands in the best way.

Motorcycle boots

Last biker equipment not to be neglected, motorcycle boots are now more than ever made for daily use with the protective elements dedicated to the practice of motorcycling. Motorcycle sneakers, motorcycle boots, half boots, they each take on their respective looks with reinforced parts to improve your motorcycle protection: malleolus reinforcement, water repellent treatment, selector reinforcement, non-slip sole, all elements that will guarantee you comfort and protection with style.

Motorcycle gear protections and accessories

Fit your jacket with a motorcycle back armor, your motorcycle pants with protection pads, your gear with rain suit, and many other accessories that will help you enjoy every motorcycling outings.

Motorcycle luggage

What could be better than to be able to count on a well-chosen motorcycle luggage that will carry what you need for your daily outings or road trips. It is around this backpacker philosophy that we have designed our section by offering the best of motorcycle luggage. From the Biltwell Exfil-0 to the Biltwell Exfil-115, from the biker backpack to the waterproof bag, from the vintage motorcycle saddlebag to the tank bag, you will certainly find the ideal luggage for all your trips.

Biker lifestyle

Biker lifestyle, a collection of accessories and clothing for motorcyclists. Biker t-shirts, caps, belts, bracelets, key rings and biker wallets, decoration, everything for motorcycle fans.

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