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Vintage motorcycle helmet

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Essential part of the motorcycle rider equipment, vintage motorcycle helmet is the best object to represent your style and your identity. Besides its core protectives qualities, you will enjoy as much its comfort or lightness because your vintage motorcycle helmet is not just a protection equipment, it is your most loyal friend when riding your motorcycle. Kulture Moto presents a variety of vintage motorcycle helmets to meet everyone expectation, would it be about style or comfort. Full face motorcycle helmets are commonly worn for their high protection capacities and noise reduction while open face motorcycle helmets are generally chosen for their lightweight and ease of use. Most of vintage motorcycle helmets presented at Kulture Moto’s meet ECE certifications because riders safety is our priority.

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Vintage full face helmets

Offering the best protection in terms of motorcycle safety, the vintage full face helmet combines the retro look and optimal comfort. Protecting the face and the chin, it remains the most effective in all circumstances, especially if fitted with a visor: rain, wind, insects and other projectiles, the full-face helmet envelops you and focuses your attention even more on the road by reducing noise and limiting fatigue over long rides. For the most vintage of them, we can mention the Biltwell Gringo, the 80’s Blauer vintage helmet, the classic Bell Moto 3, the DMD 75.

Vintage open face helmets

Lighter, the vintage open face or jet helmet combines style, protection and above all versatility. The chin and face are certainly less protected than with a full face helmet, but the jet helmet can easily be fitted with a visor and a removable front mask. The Harisson Corsair jet helmet is one of the best examples of this kind. Motorcycle masks, vintage motorcycle goggles, tunnels, so many accessories that can also be combined with the look of a vintage jet helmet.

Modular Helmets

The comfort of a full-face helmet combined with the feeling of freedom of a jet helmet, that’s is the strong point of the modular helmet. Usually fitted with a visor and drop-down sunscreen, the modular helmet is designed to be versatile and practical thanks to its rigid chin bar that you can easily flip up and let you enjoy the air flow and sun. Like the Blauer Sky helmet, the modular helmet is the perfect compromise if you hesitate between a full face and a jet helmet.

So many styles and models of motorcycle helmets for men and women, to help you find the ideal helmet for your next trip! And to equip your helmet, discover our range of accessories including vintage motorcycle goggles and other motorcycle masks, biker tunnels, helmet locks.

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