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A vintage motorcycle jacket is an important part of the motorbike rider’s style because it is not just protective equipment when riding motorbike but also part of the rider’s personality, the motorcycle jacket reflects the rider’s vision about motorcycles and how important they are for him. At Kulture Moto, vintage motorcycle jacket enthusiasts will find vintage leather jackets or waxed canvas jackets and other motorcycle jackets with a better look than the average delivery guy or pizza boy. Discover our vintage motorcycle jacket selection and get the motorcycle jacket you will wear with pride and joy.

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Your vintage motorcycle jacket, leather or textile?

Like the helmet, the leather jacket remains an essential part of biker's equipment. Unstoppable, it remains a reference both for its look and its protective qualities. Perfecto, aviator, cafe racer, biker, so many styles of motorcycle leather jacket that have developed over the decades and trends and that make wealth of today’s biker look. More resistant to abrasion than a textile jacket, leather is above all a second skin that breathes, whose origin and quality will determine its appearance and resistance. A leather such as lamb will be thiner, smoother in appearance, and will appeal by its lightness. Sheepskin leather is generally a little thicker and its wool can be used on a vintage bomber or aviator motorcycle jacket. Cowhide or buffalo leathers offer a thicker, rougher leather, with more or less flexibility depending on their quality, and guaranteeing good resistance and an appearance that can offer a beautiful patina over time. The variety of leather could therefore be a criterion in the choice of your vintage biker jacket, depending on the use and style you are looking for, and the leather texture you prefer, rather smooth or grained.

The textile jacket is not to be outdone in offering you protection and style when riding your bike. Although generally much less resistant than a leather jacket, the textile biker jacket is lighter and offers a wide variety of styles and colours, especially since the latest technologies such as a Kevlar or Cordura lining can give it a better resistance to abrasion. From vintage jackets to urban or even military style M65 style jackets, textile jackets like leather ones can most often be equipped with a back armor and protection pads.

Leather or textile, with or without protections, the motorcycle jacket will reflect your passion for motorcycling with a biker look that you can affirm or discover through our selection of vintage motorcycle jackets.

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