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Motorcycle pants are rider’s best after the motorcycle leather jacket. For many years bikers used to wear jeans in combination with black leather jackets, and despite an undeniable lack of protection, jeans remain a big symbol for the biker community. Because protection is a critical point for every motorcycle rider, at Kulture Moto we have selected the best motorcycle pants to present you a complete range. Whether made of leather, canvas or denim, motorcycle pants must offer protection and comfort to the biker. Nowadays motorcycle riders no longer have to trade their look for safety because at Kulture Moto we choose motorcycle pants that combine style and protection.

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Overview of motorcycle jeans and qualities they offer.

Kevlar biker jeans

Originally used as a workwear, jeans are nowadays the essential and universal trousers that dress us every day. Made of denim canvas, this robust looking fabric is unfortunately not the best biker's friend. With virtually no abrasion resistance, a standard pair of jeans will hold barely half a second when sliding on asphalt, leaving you with the remaining seconds unprotected. Thanks to the development of the latest technologies and the application of technical materials, motorcycle jeans will save you these few precious seconds thanks to resistant fabrics such as Kevlar made of aramid fibres, Cordura, or other even more resistant designs such as Dyneema. Kevlar biker jeans will guarantee a minimum of safety, especially as they can be fitted with approved knee and hip protection pads to help absorb shocks. Water repellent treatment, stretch properties, breathable fabric, other qualities that can upgrade the comfort of your motorcycle pants. All styles are in Kevlar motorcycle jeans, so you can enjoy its protective qualities in a regular cut, slim, cargo, and in various colors.

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