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More universal than the jacket, the Motorcycle Shirt is often lighter, longer than the jacket and can be worn in various ways. Worn alone over a T-shirt or under the jacket for some models during the coolest rides, the Motorcycle Shirts comes in addition to the jacket without replacing it. Our selection offers a wide choice of shirts, hoodies, from the most finest to the sportiest or even casual, in long sleeves or cut, denim, cotton or leather, but especially they all provide extra protection to the biker that the common simple jackets could offer. Anti-abrasion lining in Aramid, Kevlar and other technical textiles, some models of Motorcycle Shirts can even be fitted with protective shells.

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To ride and feel light with style but also protection, various vintage biker clothes are there for you !

Kevlar motorcycle shirt

From the lumberjack shirt to the jean biker shirt, the motorcycle shirt is now gaining in style, quality and protection, taking advantage of the latest innovations by improving its resistance to abrasion thanks to technical fabrics such as Kevlar or Cordura. The Kevlar motorcycle shirt, which looks casual, hides a strong lining and can be equipped with shoulder, elbow and back armor pads. Pleasant to wear, you will be able to enjoy a lightweight, trendy motorcycle garment without compromising your protection.

Biker vest

Very popular in the US, the biker vest will complete your look with character and versatility. The biker vest can be combined with a jacket, sweatshirt, shirt or t-shirt to stay comfortable and enjoy its practicality. Beyond its pockets and the extra protection it provides, you may for example prefer to equip your vest, rather than your shirt or sweatshirt, with a back armor. In leather, denim, or even waxed cotton, you have the choice to boost your biker look.

Kevlar motorcycle sweatshirt

Choose a contemporary biker look! With or without a hood, the kevlar motorcycle sweatshirt can be combined with your other clothes and offer additional protection thanks to its durable lining and why not its protection pads. Casual, sporty, biker style, the kevlar motorcycle sweatshirt can be worn all year round, in winter under the jacket and alone in summer to enjoy rides with a lighter garment than a jacket without neglecting protection.

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