Marque Respro


New world record: 410ppm! No, we are not in the presence of the last record set by a sportsman but of the level of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere reached in April 2018.  Air pollution is more than ever a major public health issue and difficult for a biker daily stuck behind a diesel engine not to pay for it, especially if he/she is not equipped with an anti-pollution mask.

Respro has understood this and has been working for over 20 years to provide practical solutions to reduce the impact of this pollution on our health. This English company specialises in motorcycle anti-pollution masks with different levels of efficiency and protection depending on the model. From the simple anti-fog mask to the anti-pollution mask with double valve filter, you will find in our selection the technical details for each Respro mask to let you choose the most appropriate one. And who knows, maybe Respro will make you find back the pleasures of a motorcycle ride in town!

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