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Live your motorcycle passion to the max and with the best equipment ! This is the DNA of this Motorcycle Luggage category. Be able to quickly read a road map or GPS on the tank, bring a tent in a waterproof motorcycle bag, find a universal saddlebag, carry a helmet safely or simply replace an old wallet, Kulture Moto wishes here to meet the specific needs of each biker through a nice selection of Motorcycle Luggage items. You will find everything you need for your daily trips and motorcycle roadtrips. Biltwell, Kytone, Burly, Iron and Resin, many renowned brands to help you get ready with the best equipment, with as main criteria: quality, practicality and last but not least a vintage look. The filters in our Motorcycle Luggage category will help you quickly select the type of product you want. And who knows, you may find what you've always been looking for by going through it all the way.

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Motorcycle backpack

Although backpacks are often not recommended when riding a motorcycle, they are essential when your bike does not allow you to carry a motorcycle bag. Ideal for everyday trips, the motorcycle backpack can take your spare clothes or waterproof pants, your laptop, a bottle of water, in short everything that can be useful when you are outside. Most of the time benefiting from a water-repellent coating, the motorcycle backpack can be fitted with two straps or even a single cross strap, very practical to allow a fast-forward rotation of the bag. Modern or retro look, some backpacks are very versatile and even offer a fastening system to attach your bag to your seat or sissy bar.

Motorcycle saddlebag

Attached to the rear of the motorcycle frame or to a dedicated bracket, the motorcycle saddlebag is perfect if you want to have a useful storage space leaving freedom of movement at your handlebar. Some models will require a small adaptation or even a specific mounting bracket for motorcycle saddlebag, while other universal models can fit almost all motorcycles by a strap system. Vintage saddlebag, throw-over saddlebags, they can smartly equip your bike with style and versatility since some can easily be removed and used as backpack or even shoulder bag.

Motorcycle tank bag

More than just a bag, the motorcycle tank bag is practical and functional. Securely attached to your tank with a magnetic or strap attachment system, it generally offers much more than just storage space. Outside pockets for quick access, cable grommets for your headphones, the main feature of the motorcycle tank bag is also its upper pocket with a plastic window from which you can view your map, your GPS or interact with your phone. The advantage is that you can rely on the power of its magnets to guarantee its stability while driving, and easily remove your motorcycle tank bag when you get to your destination. A great alternative to the backpack, whether for your daily trips or your road trips.

Sissy bar motorcycle bag

Perfect for long motorcycle rides, the sissy bar motorcycle bag generally offers more storage space than a backpack or saddlebag. Well attached to your sissy bar, it can be equipped with integrated straps or a webbing system for straps fastening. For example, the American brand Biltwell offers two bags that do the job: the EXFIL-80 one is the perfect sissy bar motorcycle bag with its dedicated compartments, carrying shoulder strap, waterproof cover and integrated fastening straps; the EXFIL-115 one is the brand's big bag, a large space waterproof motorcycle bag, robust and equipped with a nylon loop webbing system.

Motorcycle luggage accesories

From the biker wallet to the motorcycle tool roll, discover our motorcycle luggage accessories. A selection of must-have or practical products for your road trips, such as the motorcycle fuel can or the pot'cho, an essential 3 in 1 accessory that you can take everywhere to use as a blanket, poncho or even as a tent.

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