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Motogadget Mo.Unit Blue

274,17 € 

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Motogadget Mo.Unit Blue features without smartphone app :

  • Complete digital button control, 4-button or 5-button operation possible
  • Complete replacement for the fuse box. 10 independent circuits are monitored digitally and switched off in case of faults. The backup function is automatically reset after the fault has been eliminated
  • Integrated, independent alarm system
  • Integrated, digital, independent display, automatic switch-off optional and adjustable, mo.wave mode selectable
  • Integrated hazard warning system
  • Blinker optionally adjustable as position light
  • Spotlight and headlight integrated
  • Control of low beam and main beam (up to 120 W switching capacity) with only one push button
  • Integrated digital brake light modulator, flashing mode programmable
  • Acceleration-controlled hazard warning light (automatic warning signal)
  • Integrated starter relay for starters with magnetic switch (up to 30 A switching capacity)
  • Intelligent and configurable control / switch-off of the consumers in order to be able to use the maximum starting energy of the battery during the starting process
  • Integrated digital horn relay
  • Two configurable auxiliary outputs AUX1 and AUX2
  • Diagnostics function for assignment of input, output, switching status of the circuit, short circuit diagnostics, etc.
  • Calibration and current measurement allows fault detection of all lamps


Motogadget Mo.Unit Blue features with Smartphone * and mo.ride app :

  • Encrypted connection via Bluetooth® LE (low energy), thus tamper-proof security and low power consumption of the smartphone and the Mo.Unit blue
  • Keyless-Go (switching on the electrical network by approaching your own smartphone)
  • Transmission of alarm events (with date, time, vehicle on the ground, etc.) to the app
  • Setting the mode and sensitivity of the alarm system
  • Monitoring the current battery voltage in the app
  • Diagnostics of all inputs and outputs, measurement of currents, voltage, device temperature
  • Error messages in real time as audio output via helmet headset
  • Manual switching of outputs via smartphone (except for starter)
  • Firmware updates without removal at any location via smartphone and app
  • Configuration of the setup menu without removal at any location via smartphone and app
  • Tacho-input for adjustment of vehicle mileage with mo.ride allows vehicle management with automatic instructions for maintenance tasks, condition of tires, chain, brake linings, oils, operating materials, spark plugs, etc.
  • Logbook records trips and displays vehicle status, alarm events and maintenance tasks
  • Display of the parking position and ping! To help with vehicle search
  • LIN bus connection available for later connection of suitable motogadget products


* Technical requirements:
- The app mo.ride will soon be available for Android (from version 5.0) and some time later for iOS (from iPhone 5)
- The modern Bluetooth LE is used to couple the Mo.Unit blue to the smartphone. This requires certain prerequisites to the hardware of the smartphone.

Currently, the following Android models are compatible:
Samsung Galaxy S7 / S7 Edge
Samsung Galaxy S6 / S6 Edge
Samsung Galaxy S5 / S5 Neo
Samsung Galaxy s4
Samsung Galaxy Note 4
Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 7.0
Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 10.5
Google pixel / pixel XL
Google Nexus 5
Google Nexus 5X
Sony Experia Z3 Compact
OnePlus 3 / OnePlus 3T
Huawei P9 / P9 Plus

Motogadget is trying to make more smartphone models compatible in the coming weeks. Please understand that they can set priorities here, and not every device can be considered.
Learn more about the app at or on Google Play.

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Motogadget Mo.Unit Blue

Motogadget Mo.Unit Blue